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Our Capabilities


OTC Robotic Welder - AII-V6L robotic arm equipped with a Daihen welder; extended reach within the "Fusion Arc" weld cell

Certified Welders - AWS Certified 1G & 2G welders on staff


Peddinghaus Anglemaster - CNC; wide range of materials; angle iron can be punched on both flanges at once

(5) OBI Punch Presses - ranging from 10 to 45 tons

Kingsland 125XS Shear Punch Combo - Up to 125 tons of down force

Boschert Cu Profi - Hydraulic; 40 tons; 180 strokes/minute; up to 20' in length, 8" in width, & 1/2" in thickness


250-Ton Accurpress "Edge" Press Brake - 12' bed, 18" of ram open height and 10" of stroke. CNC Back Gauges and precision front arms make this machine extremely accurate. Large selection of precision tooling by Wila to ensure best possible results

200 Ton Pacific Press - 48” wide ram, capable of forming a wide variety of material thicknesses

Clausing "Metal Muncher" - extremely versatile with 3 usable sides putting out 100 tons of down stroke to each

Various other "H" presses & ironworkers


AutoCAD & SolidWorks - Allows us to present a 3D model


3 Large Saw Band Saws - The largest of these has an open height of 20" with 17.5" of travel

Various other band saws, table saws, and circular saws

Copper Welding

Exothermic Welding - giant selection of molds & shots; many years of experience.

Soldering - from 2.5" diameter copper pipe to #8 copper wire

Mig Welding


(2) Turret Lathes
Engine Lathe - up to 10" diameter round stock
Both are capable of turning anything from 1/8" round stock to 7/8" hex stock


B-30 Vibratory Machine - tumbler; automatic unloading feature

Paint Booth - 10' x 10' Cross Draft paint booth

Hot Dip Galvanizing
Powder Coating

Plate Processing

4,000 Watt Mazak Laser - wide range of material types and thicknesses; automatic tool changer; dual 5' x 10' rotating beds; "Smart System" computer software for nestings

8' Cincinnati Shear - up to 3/16" mild steel or 1/8" stainless

Custom Fabrication

Contact ALT for your Custom Fabrication needs!

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