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Cross Connectors

ALT offers Cross Connectors made of copper for ground rod to grid connections.
Item #1565-YGL29C29
Item #1565-YGL29C29

Item #1565-YGLR29C34
Item #1565-YGLR29C34

Product received may vary from photo
Item Description Weight Price Unit Qty
1565-YGL29C29 Cross Connector; Hygrid; #2 stranded thru 250MCM to #2 stranded thru 250MCM; Or 1/2" thru 5/8" rod to #2 stranded thru 250MCM; Utilizes hydraulic crimp tool 1.50 lbs.
1565-YGLR29C34 Cross Connector; Ground Rod-to-Grid; GridLok; High strength; Irreversible compression; #2 stranded thru 250MCM to 3/4" rod; Utilizes hydraulic crimp tool 1.65 lbs.

* Pricing subject to change on this item
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