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ALT offers Screw & Bolt Pin Anchor Shackles that are heat-treated and have loads based on a safety factor of 6-to-1. The size, working load limit, and trademark are permanently marked on all shackles.
Bolt Pin Shackles
Bolt Pin Shackles

Screw Pin Shackles
Screw Pin Shackles

Product received may vary from photo
Item Description Weight Price Unit Qty
4891-12G-BP Crosby Shackle; 1/2" galvanized; Screw pin type; 2 ton work load limit 0.77 lbs.
4891-58G-BP Crosby Shackle; Galvanized; 5/8"; Screw pin; 3.25 ton work load limit 1.51 lbs.
4891-34G-BP Crosby Shackle; Galvanized; 3/4"; Screw pin; 4.75 ton work load limit 2.46 lbs.
4891-38G-SPIM Screw Pin Safety Anchor Shackle; Galvanized; 3/8"; 1 ton work load limit 0.30 lbs.

* Pricing subject to change on this item
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